About Us


Company History

ITS business history goes back more than two decades as a distributor of machinery and provider of installation services. ITS split from TAI and became its own entity In order to specialize in the companies installation business line, which has historically concentrated on equipment for the automotive industry.

ITS is comprised of 3 core operational divisions that contribute to our business success. Those are: PE, Shinmei, and Trinity.

  • PE is our Process Engineering Division that handles machinery trading, procurement of installation services, and Field Services
  • Shinmei division handles robotics, conveyors, AGV’s, production management, maintenance and SOP support
  • Trinity division handles all sales and purchasing, maintenance, engineering service, and spare parts procurement for vehicle paint shops

Historical Timeline

• 1997 – Established. Spun-off from Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI)
• 1999 – Moved from Georgetown to Lexington to newly set up Fabrication shop
• 2001 – Expanded Lexington Fabrication shop space to 33,600 square feet
• 2001 – Capital increased from $200k to $700k
• 2001 – Received personnel and trading function from TAI Machinery department
• 2002 – TMAC and Shinmei joined as Shareholders
• 2003 – Merged with Trinity Industrial Corporation of America
• 2004 – Moved from Lexington to Georgetown


10,000 sft (Office) + 32,000 sft (Shop) = 42,000 sft (Total)