Industrial Tech Services Inc | Divisions

Shinmei Division


  • Performs design advice, equipment modifications and productions, and maintenance support for third-party customers
  • In the design phase, ITS provides system advice regarding cost, cycle time, and work function to customers regarding AGV’s, robots, and conveyors
  • ITS then manages the production process, including fabrication of the part, assembly, modification, and quality testing
  • After a part is installed at the customer’s facility, ITS provides maintenance, recommendations, and SOP support
  • ITS contracts with Shinmei to employ three Shinmei personnel to facilitate trading activities between ITS and Shinmei at the Georgetown, KY location


Trinity Division


  • Utilizes 3D design technology and fluid dynamics to provide high-quality paint shop equipment and   related services, including trading, modification, and installation
  • Manages all equipment for the paint process, including pre-treatment, coating, drying, as well as spray paint automation systems
  • Supports its third-party customers after installation with a preventative maintenance service program
  • Offers spare parts procurement and technical support
  • Performs survey diagnosis at existing facilities for quality, environmental, energy conservation, and safety    
  • Trinity Division generated $22.4 million in U.S. sales, representing 4.7 percent of company sales for the year


PE Division


  • PE (Process Engineering) division provides “Turn-Key” solutions for project management/planning/engineering, from building construction and modification to procurement and installation of process equipment
  • Provides trading services, performs equipment production and modification, and manages installation for third party customers
  • Specializes in industrial project transportation and handling, such as press and molding machines
  • Contracts designers from Shinmei to assist with on-the-ground, modification activities
  • ITS can provide building construction management and oversees the processes of selecting and installing utilities, land development, and timeline management
  • Generated $446.6 million in total sales for 2019